Light Hand®

Art.-No. 14100028 | 69,95 €

  • Greatly enhances communication between horse and rider
  • Helps young horses to understand the right connection with the bit
  • Teaches an inexperienced rider how to use the reins properly
  • Makes it easier to follow the horse’s movement with your hand
  • Gives maximum freedom, but also good control over your horse

Light Hand® is a revolutionary product, which works with the horse, not against it. The idea is rather simple: even professional riders have problems with following the horse’s movement. Any mistake made will result in a miscommunication between the rider and the horse. This effect will be so much greater with an inexperienced rider or a green horse. A human will never be as fast as a horse – our reactions and senses are simply slower. Light Hand® was made to help with this difficult task – by eliminating the wrong signals which can lead to pain in the sensitive horse’s mouth by softening the rider’s hand, without losing the control. 

Light Hand® can be used to train in any equestrian discipline, and many will benefit from it – from green horses and happy hackers to the elite sports horses and professionals. It is also a truly great aid for children, as they will quickly learn the right tension on the reins. It was tested for several years with different horses, different trainers and riders. The results exceeded our expectations. 

How to start? 

Simply attach the Light Hand® to your reins and bit and start riding. Shorten the rein to the point it feels right to you and don’t play with it too much. Light Hand® will do the rest, helping your horse to find a right spot for them. At the beginning, try to avoid lateral movement. Once the horse is comfortable, start your daily training as you normally would, but this time with a new feeling of lightness. Please always consult any changes of your training routine with your trainer.


  • Stainless steel

Delivery content

  • Comes in pairs
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