Biotin Beta Plus

Art.-No. 451 | 41,50 €

High-quality biotin preparation containing zinc, diatomaceous earth and sulphur.

Biotin Beta Plus is a multi-purpose preparation that reinforces tendons and joints, enhances hoof growth and strengthens the coronet band, connective tissue, hooves and skin.

Biotin is an essential vitamin that plays a major role in the formation of the hard protein keratin (horn) in skin, coat and hooves. Diatomaceous earth helps provide the silicic acid requirements of your horse and stimulates and strengthens the skin. Diatomaceous earth can prevent the development of various equine skin disorders, such as coronet band problems, eczema and rash. Zinc is important for the growth and regeneration of skin, coat and horn cells. Sulphur (DL-methionine) promotes the growth of horn cells and protects these against the effects of free radicals, thus contributing towards ensuring that the hooves of your horse remain healthy.

  • Content: 750 g

Dosage recommendations:

Approx. 2–4 g / 100 kg bodyweight daily. One measuring spoonful is equivalent to approx. 20 g.

This feed supplement is designed for equine consumption only; please observe the dosage recommendations.


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