Art.-No. 451 | 26,40 €

To rapidly offset loss of fluids and minerals.

Strenuous exercise, sweating, diarrhoea and fever result in loss of fluids and nutrients.

The consequence can be reduced performance capacity, nervousness, muscular tension and loss of appetite. The electrolytes, trace and other elements that have been lost need to be rapidly replaced.

Kieffer Electrolyte is a high quality mineral concentrate that contains a requirement-orientated combination of minerals and vitamins and thus helps to quickly restore the fluid and electrolyte balance to normal.

  • Content: 750 g

Dosage recommendations:

Dissolve 25 g in 1 litre water and give as required. One measuring spoonful is equivalent to approx. 20 g.

Designed for equine consumption only; please observe the dosage recommendations.

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