Revitopur prebiotic

Art.-No. 451 | 18,00 €

Contains highly effective prebiotics, promotes and balances the intestinal flora, alleviates gastric problems.

Can be used therapeutically and prophylactically for restoring and maintaining health and a robust constitution.

Contains highly effective prebiotics, including 15 % Jerusalem artichoke concentrate and thus a correspondingly high dose of inulin.

Helps in cases of colic, watery stool, gastric irritation and ulcer and other metabolism-related disorders and supports and revitalises the intestinal flora and immune system.

Kieffer Revitopur prebiotic neutralises a large proportion of aggressive gastric acids without deactivating nutrients.

  • Content: 500 g

Dosage recommendations:

In the case of large horses (approx. 500 kg bw), start by mixing approx. 20 g daily with the feed and then gradually increase the dose to 60–80 g daily. Reduce the dose appropriately in the case of small horses.

One measuring spoonful is equivalent to approx. 10 g.

Please observe the dosage recommendations.


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