Scottish Mash & Herbs

Art.-No. 451 | 12,50 €

Fortifies and stabilises

Highly palatable, metabolism-stimulating mash with high quality prebiotics (digestible proteins: 8.77 %, MJ digestible energy: 11.80 %)

Highly palatable multi-constituent mash feed with herbs to promote appetite, digestion and metabolism. This dietary product is specifically suitable for horses that tend to develop colic and constipation. The constituents and the balanced composition stimulate intestinal activity, promote intestinal peristalsis and reduce the risk of development of hyperacidity and putrefaction in the bowels.

  • provides for natural promotion of digestion
  • particularly well accepted by older horses
  • contains high quality prebiotics, carefully designed dietary mixture

Dosage recommendations:

Replace the horse‘s normal feed with Scottish Mash & Herbs once or twice weekly. To prepare, mix with hot water, allow to soak for approx. 5 minutes and offer while still warm.

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