Anti Stress Mg

Art.-No. 451 | 27,00 €

Magnesium preparation that bolsters the nervous system, helps enhance your horse‘s resistance to stress.

Nerve supplement for use in horses with reduced performance capacity as a result of nervousness and restlessness.

Magnesium plays an important role in nerve and muscle metabolism. With targeted use of Kieffer Anti Stress Mg, which contains physiologically utilisable magnesium compounds and vitamin B12, you can improve your horse‘s resistance to stress.

Stabilisation of the nerves not only helps restore performance and concentration capacity, it actually helps with the regeneration of the body as a whole and invigorates it from the inside.

  • Content: 750 g

Dosage recommendations:

5–6 g / 100 kg bodyweight daily. One measuring spoonful is equivalent to approx. 25 g. This feed supplement is designed for equine consumption only; please observe the dosage recommendations.

Best results are achieved after long term, daily addition to feed. It is advisable to continue use for at least 4 weeks.


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