Jump Saddle Liverpool

Art.-No. 2035 | Price + delivery time on request

This comfortable jump saddle is a combination of the famous Kieffer superb quality, top performance requirements, comfort and a modern design. The narrow cut in conjunction with a newly developed saddle panel, which provides more freedom of withers as well as a large contact area on the horse’s back, ensures a comfortable sit very close to the horse and a perfect fit. Medium-sized knee and calf blocks give the expected and required good support to the leg. This saddle is particularly horse-friendly and because of its construction and narrow cut also well suited for women and youngsters. Adjustable and also removeable calf blocks provide a custom adaption to the rider’s needs.

  • This model is perfect for everyone who combines attractive design with performance
  • Medium-sized knee rolls on the panel under the saddle flap
  • Removeable or adjustable calf blocks
  • Soft padding in the area of the knee rolls in contrasting colour
  • Short girth straps with point billet straps
  • Angular shaped cantle edge – modern design
  • Gusseted panel filled with wool


  • black/brown cantle


  • flat

Saddle Tree:

  • Exclusive - with gullet plate


  • Standard


  • 1
  • 2
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certified by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’

Animal welfare-compliant

Our made to measure saddle concept based on EQUIscan and Saddle-Check (BVFR) measurement data has been renowned as animal welfare-compliant by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’.

The combination of our saddle tree and panel concepts with professional measurement data enables us to built or adjust custom made to measure saddles fitting perfectly to the horses back. It was and is always our aim to create horse-friendly equipment for healthy horses and lucky riders.

Because of this fact, we are are so proud that our work has been certified as animal welfare-compliant from official side.

Please note: to ensure that a saddle stays always animal welfare-compliant, you have to keep in mind to make regular use of professional check ups, documentation and adjustment.