Lunge Cavesson Kieffer Ultrasoft®

Art.-No. 617 | 147,00 €

The Kieffer Ultrasoft® lunge cavesson is designed without a rigid nose iron and is an ideal accessory for regular hand and groundwork keeping a horse healthy and well gymnasticated.

Due to the fact that lunge cavessons mainly act on the sensible neck and nose area, all pressure-sensitive parts are softly underlaid.

A softly padded crownpiece with cut-back design at the ear and the roundly padded noseband with chin pad allow for perfect fit and well-being during the training. Due to its flexible construction, the noseband perfectly adapts to the horses’ sensitive nose without losing shape.

Three movable rings on the noseband and the additional option to use the supplied bit straps for attaching a bit make the Kieffer Ultrasoft® lunge cavesson a versatile helper for hand and groundwork.

The Kieffer Ultrasoft® lunge cavesson is much lighter than models with nose iron but allows for good control and solidity for working on the lunge. It is solid, comfortable, widely useful and particularly well suited for trained horses being able to respond to light aids.

  • Made of buttery-soft leather and softly padded
  • Crownpiece with cut-back design at the ear
  • Flexible roundly padded noseband with three rotatable rings and soft chin pad
  • Bit straps with trigger hooks for optional bit attachment
  • Browband and top strap prevent slipping
  • Rust-proof stainless steel fittings


  • black
  • brown


  • Cob
  • Full
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