Surcingle Kieffer Flexifit SECU Pro®

Art.-No. 629 | 359,00 €

The Kieffer Flexifit SECU Pro® surcingle is made of robust and very easy-care SECU material, the anti-allergenic leather alternative from Kieffer. The well thought-out, innovative surcingle has many other positive features for the horse: comfort, freedom of withers, pressure relief and flexible adaptation to the horse’s anatomy. In order to achieve more basic stability, the Kieffer Flexifit SECU Pro® surcingle is equipped with a gullet plate and soft pads at the side of the vertebral canal, which can be exchanged by means of a Velcro fastener. This makes it easy to optimise the fit, which can be adjusted by means of the angle of the gullet plate and two different Velcro pads.

The Kieffer Flexifit SECU Pro® surcingle is ideal for horses with high withers. Horses with material intolerances or allergies also benefit from the anti-allergenic properties of the SECU material. Another advantage is the care of the surcingle: wiping it with a damp cloth is usually quite sufficient.

Protected as a utility model.


  • Flexibly adjustable surcingle including belly girth
  • Freedom of withers and pressure relief
  • Adjustable gullet plate and exchangeable side pads with Velcro
  • Two different Velcro pads come with the surcingle
  • Belly girth can be buckled twice on both sides
  • Multiple adjustable belly straps


  • black


  • L-Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
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