Snaffle Bridle Kieffer Ultrasoft® Combi Bridle

Art.-No. 3110 | 174,00 €

Different noseband types and their advantages are combined in one bridle

This combined bridle gives the opportunity to react to problems around the horse’s mouth. It is also possible to test different methods to buckling and react to the anatomic characteristics of various horse breeds.


  • black/black lining
  • brown/brown lining


  • Flash
  • Drop


  • Cob
  • Full

Learn about the different ways Kieffer Ultrasoft® Combi Bridle can be used:

Variant 1:

Kieffer Ultrasoft® Combi Bridle can be used as a flash noseband.

Variant 2:

Combine the advantages of flash and hanoverian nosebands by removing the flash strap and adding the hanoverian noseband component. The flash component prevents lateral displacement of the lower jaw – the hanoverian component prevents the horse from opening its mouth and consequently reducing pressure where the snaffle bit meets jaw. The distance between these two noseband components can be buckled relative to shape of the head and nose length of the horse.

Variant 3:

Use the hanoverian component as an adjustable flash strap. With the help of the supplied combination strap the hanoverian
noseband part can either be used for stabilizing the position or as adjustable flash strap according to the anatomy of mouth and nasal bridge.


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