Snaffle Bridle Victoria II

Art.-No. 3164 | 235,00 €

The Victoria II snaffle bridle is characterised by the stylish combination of horse-friendly features with a chic design and relies on wide contact surfaces with optimum pressure distribution. The anatomically designed crownpiece leaves out the auricle and is super softly padded. The tapered noseband is extra wide in the middle (approx. 5 cm) and, together with its soft padding, ensures less pressure on the bridge of the nose and thus a more relaxed horse. The crank pull back closure is also padded to prevent pressure points. The slim, extra curved browband is decorated with 8 mm mounted crystals set in a premium kettle chain, guaranteeing an elegant, expressive look. This bridle is made of durable quality leather and fitted with high-quality stainless steel fittings.

  • Made of best quality leather
  • Conically designed crank flash noseband, 5 cm wide in the middle
  • Anatomically designed crownpiece with soft padding for more comfort and less pressure
  • Narrow curved browband decorated with white Big Block crystals (8 mm)
  • Chrome buckles
  • Comes with web reins


  • black/black lining


  • Crank flash


  • Cob
  • Full
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