Snaffle Bridle Kieffer Ultrasoft® Amy Lambskin

Art.-No. 3168 | 192,00 €

Maximum comfort, functional design and the positive properties of genuine lambskin make the Kieffer Ultrasoft® Amy Lambskin bridle a must-have bridle for horses with a sensitive bridge of the nose. The anatomically designed bridle made of ultrasoft quality leather enables gentle pressure distribution in the particularly sensitive areas of the poll, bridge of the nose and facial nerves. This positive effect is achieved by the crownpiece with its generous contact area, the cut-back design at the ears and the rounded noseband, which avoids nerve tracts and blood vessels. The soft lambskin lining of the noseband significantly increases comfort even more, so that even sensitive horses feel at ease. The fine hair structure of the lambskin has a positive effect on the suppleness and pressure distribution of the noseband. It also protects the delicate skin from irritation, chafing and pressure points.

Kieffer Ultrasoft® Amy Lambskin is a bridle that leaves nothing to be desired: sophisticated design, ultrasoft leather and fluffy lambskin ensure a high feel-good factor – the stunning design browband with colour gradient ensures admiring glances.

Incidentally, the flash strap integrated into the noseband can be removed without a trace if required.

Features in a nutshell

  • Made from particularly soft leather
  • Crownpiece and noseband are anatomically designed and softly padded
  • Noseband, to be buckled on both sides, with lambskin lining and integrated fully removable flash strap
  • Perfectly suited for horses with a pressure-sensitive bridge of the nose
  • Curved design browband with colour gradient in shades of brown
  • Silver-coloured stainless steel fittings
  • Comes with web reins


  • black/black lining with natural-coloured lambskin

Care instructions:
Clean carefully on a regular basis and treat with leather care.


  • Cob
  • Full
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