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Measuring the horse´s back and saddle fitting with Kieffer and Equiscan

Get an insight into measuring the horse’s back together with Kieffer and EQUIscan saddle fitting technology which also documents muscular development of the horse’s back by watching the following video. Nicola Buchmiller, head of our service department, demonstrates how to handle measuring data for an optimal adjustment of the saddle fitting perfect to the horse’s back.

Furthermore, we accompany the etablished horse physio therapist Annemie Dejonckheere ( FOKUS PFERD & REITER ) who explains us, what to consider to obtain a perfect result concerning a perfect saddle fit for horse and rider.

Thanks to Annemie Dejonkheere
(International certified Equine Sports Therapist, ESMT-IAAMT),
Fokus Pferd & Reiter -