Dressage Saddle Bavaria

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Dressage saddle ‘Bavaria’ is designed as a ‘Body-Fit-Model’. With the assistance of a Kieffer trained saddler you will be able to create a custom made saddle to adapt to your needs.


  • black
  • brown


  • AT
  • deep

Saddle Tree:

  • Exclusive - with gullet plate


  • Standard
  • Drop Panel
  • Short Panel


  • 1
  • 2

With ‘Bavaria’ we decided to strike out in a new direction to meet the increasing demands of horse and rider and the possiblity of professional horse measurement – a perfect fit made to measure!

With the help of a variable modular system, it is now possible to respond to the rider’s needs as well as to the individual anatomy of the horse’s back. Knee rolls and sizes can be tested even before the saddle production starts to determine an optimal sitting position. Seat type and seat size shound also be taken into account to establish the perfect saddle.

Four different panel variations for customising the saddle ‘Bavaria’ are available to respond to specific anatomical needs of the horse’s back. The correct choice of the panel is an important supportive measure for different anatomical characteristics of horses. Kieffer recommends using professional back measuring equipment such as EQUIscan, Tomax or HORSESCAN. This data allows us to rebuild the anatomic shape of the horse’s back in our production facility to ensure the right choice of the panel which can be customised exactlyprior to delivery.

Available panels:

  • At the front: Standard – At the back: Standard
  • At the front: Standard – At the back: Short Panel
  • At the front: Drop Panel – At the back: Short Panel
  • At the front: Drop Panel – At the back: Standard

This new development opens up the possibility to produce a saddle made to measure for you and your horse.

The following steps are necessary

1 – Determination of seat size, seat depth and rolls

According to the leg length the retailer will select the right knee roll variant which can be easily changed by means of Velcro-fastening. This can take place in the shop or also on the horse.

2  Determination of the right saddle panel for the horse

Horses differ in body length, shape and muscle structure – so the right choice of the panel is a decisive factor for the correct fit of the saddle. Kieffer helps when deciding which saddle panel is most suitable according to the data received from the professional horse measurement.

3 – Placing an order and custom manufacturing

Based on step 1 and 2 the retailer is able to order the custom made saddle which will be built exactly according to the specifications given to us in our manufacturing centre located in Munich, Germany. 

Within four to six weeks after receiving the order, depending on the order situation at the time of receipt, the customer will receive a new custom made Kieffer saddle.

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certified by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’

Animal welfare-compliant

Our made to measure saddle concept based on EQUIscan and Saddle-Check (BVFR) measurement data has been renowned as animal welfare-compliant by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’.

The combination of our saddle tree and panel concepts with professional measurement data enables us to built or adjust custom made to measure saddles fitting perfectly to the horses back. It was and is always our aim to create horse-friendly equipment for healthy horses and lucky riders.

Because of this fact, we are are so proud that our work has been certified as animal welfare-compliant from official side.

Please note: to ensure that a saddle stays always animal welfare-compliant, you have to keep in mind to make regular use of professional check ups, documentation and adjustment.