Dressage Saddle Cannes

Art.-No. 2061 | 3900,00 €

A saddle of the latest generation: Dressage Saddle Cannes is inspired by current scientific findings of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig. The anatomy and biomechanics of horse and rider are equally taken into account and merge to create a premium saddle with an excellent, versatile adaptable basic fit. 

The flexibly adjustable saddle tree, the special lines as well as a newly designed routing of the straps, in combination with the comfortable, soft saddle panels in the shoulder area, ensure good support. In the rear area, the Classic panel provides an evenly flat contact surface with optimised pressure distribution and at the same time create a new seating feeling with more closeness to the horse.

For the rider, this saddle leaves nothing to be desired, thanks to its seat anatomy and rolls positioned under the saddle flap. The pleasantly deep, soft seat promotes a centred, balanced dressage seat. The indirect thigh roll guides the leg discreetly without fixing it. This leaves the freedom to swing with the horse’s movement. 

The Cannes dressage saddle has even more to offer besides its excellent fit: the clear, timeless design can be transformed into a personal unique piece with customisable details, such as the refined applications on the cantle plate.

The Cannes ­– the saddle can do it!

Standard Features:

  • Steplessly adjustable saddle tree Exclusive with gullet plate
  • Classic gusset panel with Drop-Panel cut in the shoulder area
  • Flexible V-shaped girthing system with behind the point billet
  • Deep seat
  • Thigh roll positioned under the saddle flap
  • Size 1 or 2
  • Double cowhide leather, black

Custom Design options:

  • Other basic colours, e.g. brown
  • Cantle plate: Material or colour (e.g. patent leather, fabric or other different leather colours)
  • Piping colours
  • Seam colours
  • Trim colours

Custom Fit options for the saddle panel:

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certified by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’

Animal welfare-compliant

Our made to measure saddle concept based on EQUIscan and Saddle-Check (BVFR) measurement data has been renowned as animal welfare-compliant by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’.

The combination of our saddle tree and panel concepts with professional measurement data enables us to built or adjust custom made to measure saddles fitting perfectly to the horses back. It was and is always our aim to create horse-friendly equipment for healthy horses and lucky riders.

Because of this fact, we are are so proud that our work has been certified as animal welfare-compliant from official side.

Please note: to ensure that a saddle stays always animal welfare-compliant, you have to keep in mind to make regular use of professional check ups, documentation and adjustment.