Repairs & Service

Kieffer gives you the possibility to make use of service work, modifications on saddles as well as repairs performed by its in-house service department. This can be managed with the help of your Kieffer specialist retailer who is aware of the procedure and knows what to do. Before arranging the repairing process the case will be discussed in detail with your Kieffer specialist dealer and an estimate of costs will be obtained to keep you informed. After confirming the estimate of costs the repairing process starts. The repair will be return to the retailer who is responsible for handing over the repair and billing.

In individual cases it is possible to get in touch with us directly to make use of our service work. Please contact us in advance via e-mail to explain your concern. Even in this case it is necessary to confirm the estimate of costs created by us to start with the repair.

For saddle adjustment based on professional measurement systems the measuring data as well as the corresponding photo documentation is required to archieve a perfect result of adjustment. At the moment we are working with EQUIscan®, SADDLE-CHECK® und HORSESHAPE.


In a rare but inevitable case of complaint, please consult your Kieffer specialist dealer first who will be able to assist you concerning the handling of repairs or exchange.

Your complaint will of course be looked into and, should it turn out to be a material or manufacturing fault, the product replaced free of charge.

We at Kieffer thank you in advance for your understanding. Should you have any further queries, our customer service will be ready to deal with them any time.

Contact for Repairs

Georg Kieffer
Sattlerwarenfabrik GmbH
Argelsrieder Feld 10
D-82234 Weßling

Where does the leather for Kieffer products come from?

We use exclusively European leather for our Kieffer quality products and have for many years been working only with tanneries that fulfil our high requirements on production processes and quality.

As a customer, how can I tell high quality leather from an inferior product?

It is very hard for the customers nowadays when purchasing a new product to recognize what kind of quality the leather really is or even whether it is genuine leather at all. It is only when using for example the saddle that the true quality of the material is revealed. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional saddle dealer for advice.

How do I find a dealer or master-saddler who sells and fits Kieffer saddles?

We will be glad to help you find a competent qualified dealer or master-saddler near you. Simply send us an e-mail.

I have recently purchased a new saddle for myself. Is there any way to protect it from theft?

Saddles as well as snaffle and double bridles are rather popular as stolen property. Every year, thousands of saddles are stolen and resold as second-hand goods. As of 2010, Kieffer in cooperation with the Bavarian Association of the Union of Recreational Riders of Germany (VFD) offers a saddle registration scheme. Find more detailed information at

What philosophy and quality standards does Kieffer apply in the manufacture of its products?

As manufacturers of quality leather products we feel not only an obligation towards our customers to produce according to the most advanced ecological principles and methods, we must, of course, also comply with the relevant EU legal guidelines. To ensure compliance, our suppliers are also required to provide us with proof and specific information on the processing methods and quality of the leather for every delivery. Among others, process-related characteristics such as leather thickness, colour and surface must meet certain DIN standards, as must the mechanical properties of the leather, e.g. tensile strength, stitch tear strength or the folding endurance.

Why are saddles made from synthetic material so much cheaper than Kieffer leather saddles?

Since the production of high-quality leathers is very complex, requiring much labour time and usually also considerable offcut, our demanding quality standards are also reflected in the price. For example, from a whole hide, which is up to 6.5 m² in size, on average only 70% of the material can be utilized and about 30% is scrap because of blemishes due to injuries of the animal or similar "natural defects". However, considering the long usage time and in particular the durability, the price for leather is very favourable in comparison.

What are the advantages of a Kieffer leather saddle over synthetic material saddles?

Leather is supple, soft and elastic, while at the same time very low-abrasion and extremely hard-wearing. Furthermore, it is breathable and of excellent skin tolerance, which has a positive effect on the rider and horse alike. Another quality of leather is the typical patina which develops after some years of use when properly cared for and which always gives leather its special effect. Click here for our Leather Care Products.