New for saddle partners inside Europe

The test saddle service

Choosing the perfect saddle for the rider-horse pair is no easy decision. The anatomy and biomechanics of both horse and rider must be taken into account in order to create a connection that harmonises well-being and performance.

For an easier, risk-free selection and assessment, we are now offering a new service for Kieffer saddle partners: benefit from our test saddles to make the decision to buy a Kieffer saddle easier.

During a two-week test period, saddle partners and customers can get a precise impression of the fit and feel of the saddle. The trial saddle is a pure test saddle that is not intended for sale, but may be ridden.

There are no usage or hire charges for the test phase - only postage costs.

Try before you buy

How it works

1. Make a selection

You have the option of selecting up to two saddle models of your choice from our range and testing them for two whole weeks. All standard saddles* without special features are available for the selection of test saddles. This means that customised saddles, private label saddles and older models that are only produced as special orders are excluded from the test phase. The choice of the right saddle tree is the first decisive factor in the pre-selection process. Our saddles are available in two infinitely adjustable saddle tree variations for differently shaped horse backs. Then select the saddle model you require. TIP: If you are unsure about the saddle tree in advance, you can order two saddles with different trees and test which fits best.

Here you can find out which saddle tree is suitable for which horse's back.

2. Test

We will send you the desired saddle selection and you have a full two weeks to test the saddle. This gives you the opportunity to get a clear picture of the interaction between horse, saddle and rider together with the customer. Of course, this also means that adjustments can be made to the saddle, such as individual changes to the gullet width and padding. Subsequent test riding is welcome in order to get an impression of the saddle's fit in motion and how it feels to sit on. We are convinced that we can offer you and your customers considerable added value with our new service for selection, assessment and purchase decision.

3. Return

At the end of the two weeks, simply send the saddle back to us. The return label is enclosed for customers within Germany. The only costs you will incur are the postage costs of EUR 30, which we will charge you after the test phase.

For customers outside Germany, we are unfortunately unable to include a returns label and you will have to organise and pay the postage for the return yourself. In this case too, there are no charges other than the postage costs.

* The following standard saddles can be tested:

  • Dressage: Brugge, Cannes, Goeteburg, Lusitano, Muenster, Orphee Ultra, Paris, Passage, Rotterdam, Wellington, dressage saddles from the Kieffer Passion collection
  • Jumping: Koof AT, Palmanova, jump saddles from the Kieffer Passion collection
  • General Purpose: Aachen, Bern, Garmisch, Le Mans, general purpose saddles from the Kieffer Passion collection
  • Trail riding/trekking: Kieffer's Trail, Trekk Vario

Have you become curious?

It's time to test!

If you are interested in our test saddles, simply contact our customer service by phone or e-mail to start your personal test phase.

Phone: +49 (0)89 940066

The availability of the desired test saddle can either be clarified directly with our customer service or determined via an inventory list in our B2B shop. If your customer account has not yet been activated for the B2B shop, please also contact our customer service.

Necessary documents such as the hire contract and a documentation form about the adjustments you have made are enclosed with the delivery of the test saddle.