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For almost 170 years the name “Kieffer“ has stood for Bavarian craftsmanship.

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Everybody´s Darling

Headcollar Collection, dark brown

Headcollar Collection

This robust nylon headcollar has been part of our collection for many years and is a trusworthy „Classic“ in our well known top Kieffer quality

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Saddle Girth Airtex

Saddle Girth Air-Tex

This breathable saddle girth is very sturdy and easy to clean - a frequently bought product by many customers.

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Stirrup Leathers Gladiator

Stirrup Leathers Gladiator

Our Gladiator Stirrup Leathers made of antiallergic SECU-Material live up to their name: sturdy and tear proof!

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Snaffle Bridle Comfort Lyon

Snaffle Bridle Comfort Lyon

This beautiful and comfortable snaffle bridle which was added to our collection mid 2015 has become a bestseller.

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News and articles


Working Equitation

Working Equitation – a contemporary challenge showcasing traditional riding skills

In the equestrian world we often continue (and love) age-old practices whilst still embracing the new – Working Equitation is a perfect example of this, with the renaissance of classical and traditional riding disciplines being enjoyed in a fresh new modern way.

In the age of technology, where newest, or fastest or biggest is best, some age-old riding skills might well have been forgotten: for example, the centuries-old, traditional riding style originating from stock men handling their cattle with great skill and poise, from horseback. In her book ‚The Classical Seat’, Sylvia Loch states

„Mexican Cowboys and Spanish stockmen all possess a beautiful natural seat. What is more, their bearing is as proud as a highly trained rider at the Spanish Riding School“.

In this blog post we would love to introduce you Working Equitation as a riding discipline that you may wish to try – the discipline is growing hugely in popularity and it can be extremely rewarding and satisfying – to develop your skills as a rider and enjoy your partnership with your horse.

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Caring for leather correctly

For leather products which are exposed to constant use, proper care of the leather is essential to preserve longevity and an as-new appearance. Saddles and tack are in regular contact with sweat, moisture and dirt, therefore care of the leather should become part of a regular routine. Our simple guide to cleaning and caring for your leather products will help to keep your products soft and supple for years to come.

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Measuring systems for perfect saddle adjustment

Obviously, we at kieffer are permanently faced with the topic of building saddles – so to speak day and night. We are always in search of finding new possibilities to meet the requirements of riders and horses even better.

Already in the early stage we payed particular attention to the measurement of horses. For us as a manufacturer, this seems to be an excellent opportunity to advice and support the saddler as well as the rider finding a saddle with a perfect fit.

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