Optimised fit and new seating comfort with more closeness to the horse


We redefine ourselves – get to know our revised saddle range with the new optimised Classic panel cut for all disciplines.

With the relaunch of our range, we are concentrating on a smaller selection from now on. Thanks to the many additional individualisation options, we can the most diverse wishes for horse and rider for horse and rider can be fulfilled.

More closeness to the horse with the Classic Panel

The modified cut of the rear gusset enables a more advantageous utilisation of the contact surface on the horse’s back, optimises the fit and ensures a more extensive pressure distribution. The saddle lies flatter overall and thus places the rider closer to the horse. At the same time, the full potential for individual adjustments of the padding is retained.

Custom Fit - when more individuality than the standard is required

The cushion volume of the Classic panel in the rear area can be extended between 1,5 cm and 4 cm as required. A shorter cut at the back is also possible. Depending on the model, our saddles can be configured with optional cuts for the shoulder area, such as the half panel Passage, individually matched to the exterior of the horse at extra cost. In combination with the steplessly adjustable Exclusive saddle tree, almost no wishes remain open for achieving the best possible fit.

The rider also benefits from Custom Fit. Our master saddlers find a solution for many wishes – whether modifications to the seat ergonomics, saddle flaps and rolls or the girthing system.

Der neue Verlauf des Kissenkeils im Vergleich zu vorher (s. Kreis)
The new cut of the rear gusset compared to before (see circle).

Dressage, jump and general purpose saddles equipped with the new Classic panel cut

certified by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’

Animal welfare-compliant

Our made to measure saddle concept based on EQUIscan and Saddle-Check (BVFR) measurement data has been renowned as animal welfare-compliant by the ’Austrian Department For Animal Welfare’.

The combination of our saddle tree and panel concepts with professional measurement data enables us to built or adjust custom made to measure saddles fitting perfectly to the horses back. It was and is always our aim to create horse-friendly equipment for healthy horses and lucky riders.

Because of this fact, we are are so proud that our work has been certified as animal welfare-compliant from official side.

Please note: to ensure that a saddle stays always animal welfare-compliant, you have to keep in mind to make regular use of professional check ups, documentation and adjustment. 

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